Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 3 in Spain

We had a good night's sleep in the “Santa Maria Hostal” in Cacabelos. Here we are leaving. Breakfast not included.

We are bringing the suitcases to the car and then want to walk around a little.
Around the corner is the place were we had dinner with James. Werner and Josef.
Around another corner a place were we can have a hot tea with “leche”. We also get these nibbles. They are very fresh and Ute thinks they are made with potato. While we are there a young woman comes in and asks us (in German) to have an eye on her things while she goes to the bathroom. When she comes back we invite her to our table. Eva-Maria is from Berlin, a pilgrim on a bicycle, and we have a nice chat.

From the cafe we can see many peregrine walk by and many look into the church.

Ute says this is St Antonius with the pig. They have a statue where she lives.

Then we are getting on our way. We are passing the albergue were James stayed and many pilgrims walking on the roadside until the camino turns off.

It is beautiful country side. First wine country, then we drive through mountains. We can't believe what we are seeing. Steep and beautiful. I had no idea that Spain could look like this. Since I am driving no way to capture it in photos (Ute took this one). And often the rain comes down in buckets. We are so high that we even have snow left and right. The car gives us the temperatures and the lowest is 4' C. We enjoyed the drive very much … as we did the day before … and the day before that. We talk about that each day it was different, so beautiful and so different then we thought it would be.

When we are almost in Corme I stop because I am hungry.

Just a little place on the road side. You can see our rented car behind my head. No English spoken here, no menu. A kind of mom and pops place. It's an older couple and the seniora comes with two plates and shows us and we select. She also shows us a pot with soup which I have and it is delicious. They can't believe that we don't want any wine because it seems to be the 3 course deal etc again. So sorry I have to drive.

Eduardo and Mercedes in the Cafe-Bar Avenida in Ponteceso! So nice!

We are at our destination, see the Restaurant Miramar where we are supposed to get the key to the apartment, drive around the corner to the water's edge to park. The streets are narrow and parking is not my strong point (mainly because I am not sure what I am allowed here) so I rather walk back.

There was a bit of a mix-up about the key but they call Marina for me and her friend Jualita comes and takes care of it/us. She is so very nice too and we have fun together even so she doesn't speak English either.
Here is the first picture out of the window. The panorama picture makes the street curved but of course it is straight.

Then we decide to walk down to the beach. It might rain soon again.

Looking back on the right side of the tree in the middle you can just see our windows.

Around 6ish I was a bit hungry but Ute said she wasn't. So I took my “gadgets' and walked to the Restaurant Miramar where there is WiFi. I was told dinner starts at 9pm but there were lots of people (some watching a tennis match on a TV) and there was no problem getting a glass of wine and the WiFi password so I could get the photos to the iPad to use Blogsy. The one regret: I should have paid to rent the gadget from the car rental people for my private hotspot … but it seemed a lot of money at the time.

Well, I had a mixed salad and asked whether I could have on to go (in Spanish) and took one to Ute and a bottle of wine. I am so happy that somehow I can make myself understood even so I don't know Spanish.

Short after 9 pm Marina and her husband Carlos arrived from Santiago with some things to make us more comfortable (no central heating here and they NEVER had a May like this says Marina). They are wonderful people. Marina speaks very good English and even some German and we laughed a lot. Carlos has walked the camino three times and once even from Lourdes. After they had left to go to her parents' house we went to bed.

PS: it took me a dozen tries to post this with Blogsy. Finally gave up. It is Sunday evening now and I am sitting with my laptop in  Restaurante Miramar with a glass of wine.

* * * * *
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