Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 10 in Spain

Friday 5-24

Since we did a lot of driving yesterday and probably going to do tomorrow we decided on a lazy day again. Well, we took that seriously.

We had breakfast still casual and then I worked some on the lace trial project which I finished. Weatherwise it looked like it was going to be a nice day so I felt like a brisk walk. The hill to the left out of the living room window looked inviting.

Scattered houses to the right which looked like it was the direction of the lighthouse. I took the street to the left.

You can see the house with the apartment slightly to the right of the middle of this picture.
Down to the harbor.

What a surprise. It was market day. Ute had said for several days she would like to see a market. I too love open air markets. So I quickly run up to the apartment to get her because I had inquired that it would be over by noon.

The narrow streets were full with stalls. Straight ahead you can see the table with fabric. I had to buy some material for Helen and mine 'quilting stash'.

Had to buy one of the cheeses to the left. I hope it will be a treat when James is here.

When we were done looking at everything we went for lunch at 'my second WiFi place' close to the port. I did (as Ute calls it) my homework. To eat I had incredible calamari rings with fries which also were very nice. I like the potatoes here.

Back in the apartment I took a picture of my purchases.

My testing sample. 3 pair lace. Ute said she loves pulling pins. I am not happy with it but it might have possibilities. The glass head pins were a big problem with this. Of course it needs blocking and starching and trimming of the ends too.

Late afternoon we thought we needed to go down to the beach. Ute found the perfect bench. This picture also does not give a true impression. The beach looks much smaller then it is. I kicked my foot up to show that we were sitting on the bench ha-ha. There are rocks on the left of the water on the bottom of the hill and I wanted to see what was behind it. Since it was low tide it looked like that you could go through there. So I did.

Surprise, surprise. There is a tiny beach with almost a little cave. So beautiful.

A child's dream to play between the rocks. Of course parents need to watch the tide I am sure.

Later Ute and I played cards. I had bought a Spanish deck where I had to go always 'next door' (earlier blog). The suits definitely look different but it was fun. I tried to remember the rules to the game my father and I called 'Hanover'. After a while it came back to me … or at least most of it. Ute beat me 2 to 1.

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