Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Nashville

Back from Paducah and the retreat. Helen and Ben are laded down with things to do. I am happy when I can help out especially with William. The weather is so so but one evening we wanted to do the walk again like in the previous week. But look at this! We could not. It was under water.

We went a different way but soon we were told that we had to leave because you were supposed to pay a fee. William was VERY upset.
But then he found other things to do.
This was another evening when Ben took advantage of some sunshine. He and William explored the creek behind our place. Photo taken from the back porch.

Today was a busy day. I was able to help Helen and Ben by picking William up from his preschool. Every day there is something to decide about the renovation from the water damage f their house.

William had a snack and then we went out onto the backporch. I couldn't think of anything to play there with so I stripped him of shoes, socks and pants and he played very happily with water. I thought too late of the video but just a short clip here.


On Friday there was actually nothing on the calendar for Helen so she could finally enjoy a leasurely morning. So I made blueberry pancakes. Yeah to gadgets and Internet because in no time had I found a super recipe. You can see William agreed.

In the evening he watched some 'Kipper' (a children's program) while his mother did the handsewing part of the binding on my quilt. It is one of my "Singapore quilts" and now finally finished too, but about it in another blog soon.
It is fun playing with him. Sometimes all you need is an old box and a blanket and go down on the carpet.
Now Helen is working on the binding of her quilt again and William 'helps'. Helen machine quilted it all by herself (her first time) when she was visiting at Easter.
My last days in Nashville were a little too exciting for me. Saturday William was fine in the morning but then suddenly had quite a high fever. No idea what was going on. All we could do is rock him and give a little fever reducing medicine. Even without medicine the fever had gone for the night but on Sunday too we could notice that he was not quite as usual. Helen will take him to the doc on Monday.
In between I had to do a little packing because I was planning to leave early Monday, which I did.
And what a drive it was. The car was packed quickly even in the rain and I sneaked out at 8:30 am (7:30 local time) and was in the garage at 7 pm. Most of time I had to drive in heavy downpour and at the end there was fog in the mountain. But ... I am safely back.
News from Helen: William seems better and the doc couldn't find anything the matter.
Good news from Sarah too but more about that later.
And James called via Viber since he had Internet. He has a terrific time.
That and three stops for refreshments and stretching besides listening to NPR, CNN, BBC and some music took care of the 603 miles between the places.
It had been strange this time in Nashville without James. But altogether it had been great. Nice times together. When the weather allowed it Ben could grill for us several times. Good family time together.


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