Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 12 in Spain

Sunday 5-26

After yesterday's excitement a lazy day. The weather was nice and I tell James and Werner about the Faro (lighthouse) past the harbor. All 4 of us went down to the porto, Ute and I went into the cafe/tapas place (with WiFi where I had been several times before) and the men set off for the lighthouse (you probably have seen my lighthouse pictures). I suggested they check on their way back whether we would be still there but they never came.
I had instructions from James to upload one blog and sinc the pictures for him. I also did my “homework”. Then we decided we would like a snack and ordered calamari. Oh, they are so good here.
I couldn't think that the walk would take this long for two experienced hikers so Ute and I went back to the flat where we found them. James said there were so many of these places, he couldn't remember which one we would be in.

We had decided that our main meal needed to be at lunch time since they do not serve in the evening before 9 pm. That is the time when pilgrim's go to bed, ha-ha. No, we are really not used to that. Lunch starts at 1 pm so that's when we set off again. Werner had invited us and we went to the Miramar.

Three of us had the salad with scampi as first course. So good!
Ute and I had 'a selection of fish' which came on one platter for us. No idea what fish it was but it was delicious and I am sure it came out of these waters. And Spanish potatoes are super.
James couldn't believe when his plate arrived with a huge steak.

Werner was very happy with his 'tongue'.

Late afternoon we went down to the beach but the water was too high to go between the rocks and around the corner. Ute, James and I just did a brief paddle. There were some strange hippies on the beach today (I guess because it is Sunday). Some seemed a bit high. At least one of the girls sunbathed totally naked (not counting the tattoos) and when Ute stayed for a while on the bench in the sun she told us later that one of the men stripped and ran into the water for just a short while. Oh well …

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