Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back home ... to an empty refrigerator

Sarah and Wade love to cook ... and we love to eat, ha-ha. So when we were back from our vacation and our refrigerator was still empty, they invited us to dinner.

Sarah and Wade in their new kitchen getting ready for dinner. And we had a lot of talking to do since we had not seen for so long. It was lovely.
They are still newlyweds with the nesting instinct ... arranging and re-arranging. The latest: the cat door to the basement. 

Edy wasn't too sure about this new situation but she will get used to it. She is such a good cat. And she liked to sneak into the basement before she officially was allowed to.

Now it is already more then a week later. And even the lace workshop (for which I had to get ready) is already over ... but about that in the next blog.

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