Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Omi still got it

It has been more then 2 months since we saw William last.

But yup, Omi still can rock William to sleep for his nap.

We did the all-day drive on Monday. Helen and William were at the townhouse when we arrived.

By Tuesday lunchtime we were settled and we could play the rest of the day. Omi has to learn what William now likes to eat and drink and play. After a nice bowl of lentils and veggies (my new recipe) he had a good nap.
Grandpa had to read again. Ha, seems like luckily nothing has changed.
The Sandra Boynton books on my iPad are still a favorite. 
Look how intense they both are.
William's little finger are quick to do the things on the touchscreen.
The new 'wheels' since he outgrew the old, brought all the way from Richmond. 
Fast learning. He can get off and on by himself already.  Only the legs are still a little too short for pedaling.

It needs to be investigated though.
And then suddenly he decides he is ready to go and brings his sandals to grandpa to put on. Did he notice that Mommy is packing up too?
 But Mommy is not quite ready to leave.

Ha-ha, then he walked backwards two steps and plopped down on grandpa's leg.

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  1. Lots changes in two months. Luckily, not love or trust.