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Turkey Trip Day 16

Saturday June 30

Woke up this morning to this sight. The wind was blowing differently then yesterday.
Ah, the memories!
We were packing and guess what I saw in the closet? Very good that we didn't need it. No bugs around.
Olive spread for breakfast. I could get used to that stuff.
Breakfast outside. The gardener let the ducks out into the yard. This picture is for my SIL Jill. You can't see what it is going on in the far but there are going to be little ducks around soon.

 Greg checking from the balcony whether Roz is done with breakfast.
The hotel staff saying goodby to us. The fifth person from the left has a jug in his left hand with water. When the bus is leaving he throws the water after us. It is supposed to bring good luck to the traveler. Have to ask Aykut for the exact wording. I asked whether the staff did it for the ones which had to leave so early this morning (3 am?) and he said yes but not everybody had to be there.

Many towns have fruit statues on main street intersections.  The crops are important to them.
Sunflowers left and right.

It's a long bus ride and I get some tatting done.
We are driving to Ankara past the Salt Lake. It's the second largest lake in Turkey.
We stop to put our feet into the water.
Walking on salt! James has his sneakers on today.
But I take my sandals off. That sand is quite coarse and it's not so nice to walk on.

Look at that cloud.
Roz is going with me. 

Finally we are in Ankara. We get the great honor of being taken to Aykut's apartment and meet his family.

A painting of Aykut hanging on his living room wall. A client had taken a picture in the underground city of him and painted this. He used to have long hair but had a brain tumor operation this spring. Glad he is doing so well because you could not tell.
Aykut's young dog didn't know what to do. His master came home (to change his suitcase) and brought so many people with him. 
Aykut's wife had prepared some refreshments and nibbles. 
Muhabbet seems a very nice lady. Too bad we don't speak Turkish.
Greg must be a dog-whisperer because he made the dog listen and be obedient. Such a lovely photo.
Then we all, including Muhabbet and their daughter Zeynep, pile into the bus and we visit the 

Changing of the guard, how lucky. It's every two hours.

These two made fun of their high-stepping colleges.

Lyn taking a photo of her daughter Stephanie with Aykut's daughter Zeynep. Zeynep's English was very good. She is about 15.
Nice view to the city. We are walking to a nearby restaurant to have lunch.

Roz could talk french with this gentleman.
In the bus to the airport.
Aykut and his family treated us to baklava (what else). It is such good stuff especially if you like pistachios.
Finally arriving in Şanlıurfa as the sun goes down

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
From Aykut's CD:

Day 16 Saturday 06.30.2012 (Şanlıurfa)

Driving to Ankara
Stop at the Salt Lake, the second largest lake of Turkey (Not in the Program. Learning & Discovery)
Meeting with my family, Muhabbet, my wife and Zeynep, my daughter
Mausoleum of Atatürk visit (Not in the Program. Learning & Discovery)
Lunch on own at a local restaurant
Flight to Şanlıurfa
Port talk about the following day’s Program

                                                                Overnight at El Ruha Hotel, Şanlıurfa

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