Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sarah's 30th

Our baby celebrates her birthday ... on Monday ... but she decided to have a party on Saturday ... especially since Wade's parents were coming to visit this weekend. She told us to come 4ish and she allowed me to bring a couple of things for the buffet.

Sarah had decorated their house so nicely too. She had made the banner with her cricut machine. 
The party theme was "Olympic Games" (since they are going to England in about a 'fortnight' on vacation.  See the medals?
The Olympic torch is burning.
Sarah's victory garden. Look at those sunflowers. We teased her. We told her that she had planted the seeds in the wrong direction. She said that she would do better next year, ha-ha.
From the other (garage wall) side.
A few days ago I found this between 'stuff'.
"Sarah's Book" from 1986. Preschool time.
This is the face Sarah used to make when she posed for pictures. She still can do it!
It had several interesting pages. Sarah thought about this one that she might have liked square apples.
Party is about to start. White and red sangria and lots of other libations.
Carolyn came with jello shooters in several different colors/tastes.
I learned you have to loosen the edge first with your finger. Yellow = pina colada.
The Olympic Games have started. Sarah had planned 4 different 'events'.
Kathy is good at 'cornhole'.

There was plenty of food.
My efforts for the party preparations. Love carving watermelon. Way easier then pumpkin.
Helen had gifted Sarah with plastic plates which you line with inexpensive paperplates for the time when the Wallers were remodeling and could not wash dishes. They are very nice and handy for parties too.
'Beer pong game' in full swing at the tables.
James is going to have his go with the 'junk in the trunk' game. It's a minute-to-win-it game from the internet. Ha, I was quite good at it. It is very funny.
Lots of things were going on ...
... including major grilling. Oh, the chicken tenders were soooooooooo good.
Mother-in-law Kathy had baked a birthday cookie for Sarah and asked me to decorate it. No problem. Fun.
Lighting the candles.
Happy Birthday to you, dear Sarah!
She was too fast for my camera.

And more games: Elephant march
Again a minute-to-win-it game and you can find the rules and directions when you click on the above link. Here Kathy and Mike having a good race.
Sarah and Wade here.
Here is a video clip Kathy took!

And here is another game video clip!
Of course Sarah had also organized the medal ceremony - including the steps! The acceptance speech included "thanks ... winning since I was the only one keeping score"

This blog is dedicated to Helen since she could not be there. We missed her!

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