Friday, July 6, 2012

Turkey Trip Day 10

Sunday June 24

We arrive were we are to disembark. This has been soooooo nice ... even for a a city girl who never had much experience with camping or otherwise outdoorsy things.
The captain/crew did an incredible 'parallel parking' job at the quay.
All packed up and ready to go to the next adventure.

The next bus is waiting.
We drive through the 'land of hothouses'. At a potty stop we go into one to look.
It's still not year round and something new needs to be planted here soon.
 We drive along the scenic coast line and every so often we stop for a photo opportunity too. The color of the Mediterranean is amazing with lots of little coves

Rock mausoleums.

Ancient Myra.

This is the little port where St Paul changed ships when he was being taken to Rome for his trial. First we see the rock-cut tombs

Aykut explains the stone door which was sliding in a groove when it needed to be opened for the next family burial. 
I wonder whether it was more expensive to have one at the bottom (for comfortable access) or at the top (safety against robbers). 

The architecture and stone carvings are incredible.

 Right next to it the Roman theater.
Still being excavated. 

 At the top looking down.
 The VIP seats.
Stones from the theater excavation numbered and waiting to be puzzled together.
One of the theater stairs. To think what tools they had and what they did with them (in this case about 1800 years ago).
Would I have been allowed to use a VIP seat at that time?

This is were the 'skene' (stage / backdrop) would have been as high as the highest row of seats.

Some informative links:

Click here.

Click here.
Lots of rocks and gravel and dust but also beautiful flora.
This is a photo of a postcard to give an overview of the tombs and the theater.
Yeah, lunch!
Love the bread.
 Rick is having a kebab.
Lamb. Is that skinny pepper hot? Most likely ... in which case it is for James, ha-ha.

Kadayıf (angel's hair dessert)

Here is an interesting site for Anatolian Food.

We all had to take 'food pictures'.

The third reason why we are in Myra.

Noel Baba = St Nicholas who was Bishop here and would have never seen snow!

Well, of course it has a gift shop.
The ground level of so many places used to be much lower. Silting of the rivers and floods have raised it at least 20-30 feet

St Nicholas' sarcophagus.
It's a very holy place for many orthodox pilgrims.

When we move on, somebody needs a pharmacy which Aykut finds.

Sarah, this picture is for you: ECZANE.
We check into our hotel in the city of Antalya.
It is in the old town and in walking distance to the harbor. Very nice location.

James and I don't need anything but a 'Raki'
In our hotel room: cute but not practical.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
From Aykut's CD:

Day 10 Sunday 06.24.2012 (Antalya)
  • Breakfast on Board
  • Disembarking the boat
  • Myra Ancient City Visit (1st Settlement on 7th C BC)
  • Rock-cut Tombs
  • Ancient Roman Theatre (Roman Time 2nd C AD)
  • Lunch at Ipek Restaurant in Demre
  • Demre Visit
  • Church of St. Nicholas (Byzantine, 10th C AD)
  • Dinner at Aspen Hotel
  • Port talk about the following day’s Program
Overnight at Aspen Hotel, Antalya

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  1. I think ruins have their own special beauty. Mike and I didn’t tour one single intact castle in England, but we spent half a day climbing around the ruins of Corfe Castle.