Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The church quilt

June/July is always the time when there is a raffle at St Martin's Episcopal (our church home) to benefit the scholarship fund.

So I made and donated this I-Spy quilt for children for the cause. People really liked it and several wanted to out-right buy it.
"I spy with my little eye ... a penguin ...  ants ... peanuts ... frogs ... etc

Sunday was the drawing and Maggie won it !!!
It was so worth it when I saw the face of the girl when she realized it was now hers. She kept saying "This is so awesome" and "Thank you, thank you".

Ah, life is good.
The back is a printed map of the USA with all the states and capital cities printed. I was so happy when I found that panel.

(pictures shared by Kerry A., thanks!)

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