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Turkey Trip Day 12

Tuesday June 26

It was time to pack and move on. This car brought our luggage to the bus while we walked.

Waiting at the street car stop.
The street car took us to the museum.

5600 - 5200 B.C.

 Spinning tools

Antinous (?)
Perge 2nd C A.D.

This supposedly was Emperor Hadrian's boyfriend. Being guy or bisexual was not an uncommon thing at that time.
The 'Skene' of Perge Theater

Part of a frieze from the Perge theater.
This sarcophagus was smuggled abroad after illicit excavations in Perge. It was given back by Brooklyn Museum of USA in 1986 after the formal legal process having lasted for five years.

Herakles is whole.

This part was excavated 1981 in Perge.
This part was acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 1980. Read more about it here.

Jewelry and personal ornaments
7,000 - 6,000 B.C.

Textiles !!!

A Turkish bath.

Lekythos  is Greek pottery. Aykut told us the way it's done. Get the clay, turn the pot, fire it. Then you coat it with honey and fire it again. After that you scrape the pattern into it. The white part is where you have scraped the blackened part away.

2nd Century A.D.

Emperor Hadrian
2nd Century A.D.

Read about him here.

Emperor Trajan
2nd Century A.D.

Plancia Magna
2nd Century A.D.

She was a benefactor of the city and you might want to read about here here.
Driving in the bus again. We come to a dam with fisheries.
And that is were we have lunch. First a lentil soup. It is always served with a lemon wedge which is very nice. Have to remember that.
 Beer written in several languages.
Salad is served with oil and pomegranate syrup. Nice.

Featured: things from rose petals, special of the area. We bought a small box of rose petal Turkish delight to share on the bus.
Lots of these flowering bushes on the road side.

At a potty stop we find a cold storage building and Aykut takes us there to explain it. Fruit of the season now: cherries

 A marble quarry.
There is a lovely peninsula, we make a little detour and Aykut stops the bus so that we can stretch our legs. 

Aykut stops the bus again because there is a fruit vendor on the road side. He and the bus driver get some cherries.
The bus driver washes a handful of them here. Local water must not bother him.
We have reached tonight's destination. The village and our host family for the night.
We take a short walk down to the lake.

Chick peas in the field.
A field of poppies. This is highly regulated by the government. Our hosts were lucky that they got permission to raise a crop. These are used to make heroin

There were gigantic dandelion looking seedpods growing on this corner. The 'highrise' in the background is where half of us slept.
 Back to our host's house.
The youngest child Sueleyman.
They had two cows, one bull and this calf.
The cows come home for the night. Each villager takes their cows to the village square each morning where a shepherd then takes them all out to graze together. In the evening he brings them back to the village square and they find their own way home to their farms for the evening milking.
 Grandma's job to take care of them.
Cow decides to go for another walk.
Grandma doesn't think it's a good idea.
And now dinner. Lentil soup first ... from their own fields.
Salad. All grown by themselves.

Aykut's cherries, homegrown watermelon and angel hair dessert.
And then a lively discussion about their life.

There is no heroin in the seeds.  They are used to make a lovely breakfast spread.
A pestle and mortar is used to grind the poppy seeds into the spread.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
From Aykut's CD:

Day 12 Tuesday 06.26.2012 (Budak Village, Beyşehir)
  • Antalya Archeological Museum Visit
  • Included lunch near a reservoir on the way
  • Stop at Eğirdir, near the lake, walking on the island which is connected to the mainland wıth a causeway
  • Arrive to the Village and Walk in the Village
  • Dinner with the Village Family (Interactive Conversation With The Hosts)
  • Süleyman & Nigar Aydın: Budak Köyü-Hüyük / Konya,Turkey
  • Port talk about the following day’s Program
Overnight at Budak Village, Beyşehir

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