Monday, July 9, 2012

Turkey Trip Day 18

Monday July 02

Breakfast buffet: a dripping honey comb
Our destination today: Mt Nemrud
We have to drive some dusty roads.
On the way we stop at Atatürk Dam on the river Euprathes, the biggest in Turkey. This monument is in honor of all those who lost their live during the construction.
Here is more info on the dam project.

When we continued our drive we stopped briefly at the bridge over the river. This took us from Mesopotamia back into Anatolia

Arriving at the entrance to Mt Nemrud

The drive itself was an experience, very winding and very uphill.

 Waiting to get going.

When we reached the top ... awesome!

 The mound at the top of the mountain (behind the stones) was man made, It is made of loose rocks

 More then 2000 years old. The heads were originally on the top of the figures sitting on the chairs shown behind. Just the heads are about 6 feet tall

Lunch time!
Before we went up the mountain, Aykut stopped the bus and we went to a supermarket. He bought everything needed for this picnic including paper plates. That was fun. His friend in this place prepared everything while we were hiking up and down ... and it was great.

Why do we always get excited when we see shepherds and their flock? Something special about it.

Dinner at the hotel.

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From Aykut's CD:

Day 18 Monday 07.02.2012 (Şanlıurfa)

Depart for Mt Nemrud
Watching the DVD of Mt. Nemrud on the bus directed by Tolga Örnek
Stop at Atatürk Dam on the river Euprathes, the biggest in Turkey
Stop at a market in Adıyaman for shopping for our picnic lunch
Climbing to Mt. Nemrud to see the gigantic heads from the times of the Kommagene Kingdom (1st C BC)
Picnic Lunch at a restaurant at the mountain
Driving back and Port talk about the following day’s Program
                                                                                                 Overnight at El Ruha Hotel, Şanlıurfa

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