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Turkey Trip Day 8

Friday June 22

The bread-lady! Add the age of cell phones, all things are possible. Fresh bread for breakfast delivered to our boat. The food has been really nice.

'There is also some chocolate cake. Can you see it behind the glass? Good thing I am not in charge.
After breakfast the dinghy brings us to shore.

We see lots of things during our hike. This is karob. Not ripe yet though.

Our guide had warned us to wear good shoes and that was a good thing.

A colorful cricket on a tree trunk.

Around every curve something beautiful to see.

Aykut pointed out these trees with red bark. The bark shedding and new is forming.

The worst uphill is over.

We come to a valley were a few people are living. Shepherds.

And, of course, there are some ruins.

But first we have a rest at this shepherds house.

It was very interesting. We had all sorts of questions and Aykut translated. So we learn about the business and life of these people who seem very content.
We are being offered some sage tee. Sage seems to be growing wild every where. I liked it.

In his spare time he whittles some wooden spoons from olive wood. He shows me the knife he uses. James and I buy what we can use as salad set.
Little chicks running around.
And a lazy dog who never moved the whole time we were there. This is the place where the family sleeps because it is too hot inside their house.
James had to look at the solar panels. They have electricity so they can watch TV.
Yup even a TV satellite dish.
There is an outhouse which I did NOT visit.
We are on our way again. Not far is a well where they get their water.
The ocean.
Down in the valley is the shepherd's place.
We look around a little at the Greco-Roman site called Lydea. But there is not that much to see. Aykut points out though (and we think of it everywhere) who knows what might be laying underneath our feet which has not been found and excavated and might be an incredible treasurer.
Wild onions.
Wild onions which don't look very 'wild' at the moment.
While we were hiking our gulet cruises to the Friendship cove. First glimpse but we still have to go downhill.
I am so happy that my new lifestyle (and loosing 30 pounds) is paying off. The hikes were not strenuous for me and I so enjoyed them.
There is our gulet.

The dinghy is waiting for us.
Some local people are processing herbs (probably sage) and drying it on the shore.
We are hot and sweaty and immediately go into the water. Another thing which I am now not so timid any longer.
And here is my proof !!!!
You could not stand anywhere but the noodles made it very relaxing. The water was so clear you could see all the way to the bottom. There were cold and warm patches of water and it all was a lot of fun.

When we cruised it was done with the motor. But this afternoon the crew showed us how it is with sails. Of course there was not much wind which means the going is slow ... but it was nice for a while.
The first mate seems very proud of himself.

And down they come again.

Anchoring again.

And off again for another hike.
Waiting for the dinghy to bring more of us we watch Oscar the dog.
More info here.
Oscar is looking for stones to bring out of the water and lay down on the quay. But there are not many so I have pity and throw him one. He is very excited and retrieves it promptly.

This is an island and we hike to the top. We visit a string of churches (ruins). It used to be part of a pilgrimage path. A place where pilgrims going from Italy to Jerusalem would stop on their journey.

Strange plants/flowers nobody knew what they were.

If the walls could talk. This was kind of a tunnel from one church to the next.

There we are at the top. This was so awesome. I took a video to give you a better idea about it.This is worth watching. Don't you think so?

Amazing what can grow between the rocks.
Tonight's dinner is being grilled.

Sophie, the cook on the left, and her husband the first mate.
This might be an idea for my sons-in-law. The captain cleaned the grill in the beginning with half an onion dipped in oil.

The manly captain Hussein not too proud to wear an apron. The crew was really great.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
From Aykut's CD:
Day 8 Friday 06.22.2012 (Gulet)
  • Breakfast on Board
  • Optional Hike from Cleopatra’s Bath Cove to Ağalimani Cove over Lydia
  • Goat Hearder Family Visit, Interactive Conversation
  • Lunch on Board
  • Swimming in Ağalimanı
  • Opening the sails
  • Optional Hike in Gemiler Island
  • Port Talk About Ghost Town & Kayaköy Hike
  • Dinner on Board

(3) Overnight at Gulet (Sadri Usta), Gemiler

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  1. More ruins! Incredible cruise and that video is indeed worth watching. Just a second before you said “so gorgeous” in the video, I said “how gorgeous”. Great minds.