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Turkey Trip Day 6

Wednesday June 20

We left Kusadasi but didn't drive very far because we wanted to see the The Church of St John the Theologian in Ephesus.
The church supposedly was built over his Mausoleum.

A sign on a pillar.

Again, it was a very moving experience. Even so it is a museum today (it was destroyed by an earthquake) and no religious events are supposed to take place, these orthodox Christians must have had special permission. We think that a new priest was ordained.

It was difficult to take photos because I felt I should not disturb/intrude but I wanted a sample of their singing, even if I didn't get the right moment.
click here.

The mosaic must have been lovely.
There was one side-room which had decoration left on the wall. It was protected from the elements (and probably people too) and we couldn't really see it.

The Baptismal Font.
A sarcophagus because priests were buried here too.

View from the church down to a mosque. The top of the minaret had been struck by lightning many years ago.

Pretty much right in the middle was the Temple of Artemis. Not much left of it.
Mary Anna and Bob are waiting for the rest of our group to arrive ... in the shade!

Back into the bus, drive some and then we stopped en route to attend a craft demonstration by local artisans at a rug-weaving cooperative. The entrance.
Close-up of the previous photo. Swallow nests everywhere.
I know when you are being taken to these places they want to sell to you, but I like it. It is always very informative about the process.
Here is a short video.

She draws the designs ... here taken from an already finished rug.

Good chart to understand the different methods.

This lady and her husband (but not the guy in the photo) are owners of a silk farm.

Everybody seems to have slightly different methods.

Silk is very strong so you can have fine threads with lots of knots per square inch. And the lovely sheen.

Good thing James and I have absolutely no space for another carpet. They were all so wonderful.

The flying carpet, ha-ha.
We were told we could try it ... you know me ... I did.
We must have shown too much interest because James and I were taken into the holy of holiest room. Little carpets (like the one on the easel in the beginning) were in drawers. One more incredible then the other. So were the prices. The one for $250.000 was actually priceless in my eyes.
We asked and got explained: The rug weavers are getting monthly money when they are working on a carpet. When it is finished the rugs are offered for sale here and they get the difference when it is sold. We felt sorry because some where already a few years old.

Bob must have felt that I wanted to take a picture because just then he opened his eyes.
Right next door the lunch place ... under trees in the shade. Lovely.
More driving of course but we also stop ... here at a dam.
Finally we reach Marmaris and there is our ship.
We hardly can wait.

And off we go leaving the harbor.
That's our dinghy. 

First time we let the anchor down.
And a swim. Everybody said it was cold.
We had to go down a ladder.
Not everybody.
Yup, this is James.

Stephanie also always went in this way. Isn't this a great photo? She was our youngest (18). The trip a graduation gift from her grandparents Greg and Ros which of course were also there and Stephanie's mother Lyn.

The meals on the back deck.

And a lovely sundown.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
From Aykut's CD:
Day 6 Wednesday 06.20.2012 (Gulet)
  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Basilica of St. John (Grand Circle Foundation Site) (Justinian 6th C AD)
  • Learning&Discovery Series ( in the Program )
  • Carpetium Carpet Coop.
  • Driving to Marmaris
  • Embarkation to the Gulet (Sadri Usta)
  • Meeting with the crew
  • Port Talk about Caunos Ancient city
  • Dinner on Board
  • Overnight at Cennet Island 

    Overnight at Gulet (Sadri Usta), Marmaris

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