Friday, July 27, 2012

My Nashville Sunsail

Last time we were in Nashville I put up the "sunsail" provisionally (you can see here). James had a good idea how to do it better and we had already bought the materials but run out of time to do it.

With temperatures over a 100 degrees we had to do it early this time. Actually it is a very easy thing to do but since we had no directions and "invented" our project "on the go", it did take a little longer (and a couple of trips to the hardware store) as necessary. 
 As you can see, we attached 4 poles (1/2 inch conduit which is really cheap), each to a corner of the deck.
The poles come 10 feet long. So James cut the two close to the house 2 feet shorter = 8 feet. The two on the other side he cut 3 feet shorter = 7 feet high.
The cut-off pieces we used to make the two cross bars longer. You need "set screw coupling steel" for that (comes in bag of 5).
 To attache the poles you need "two-hole straps" (comes in bags of 10).

For the corners you need "pull elbow inside corners" which are the most expensive of it all $4.50 a piece.
Oh, yes, forgot the "conduit hanger with speed thread" (bag of 5) and the carabiner hooks.

The sunsail was my birthday present. It is amazing how much it helps to keep the kitchen/dining area cool but I talked about all that in the link I gave you in the beginning. I love it. We might have lunch outside today.

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