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Turkey Trip Day 11

Monday June 25

After breakfast we start off walking through the old town to our bus (can't drive there) and first see Hadrian's Gate.

We all opt for the 'optional tour to Perge and Aspendos'. 
Perge  is another awesome site. Don't think if you have seen some ruins that you have seen them all. Every one has something very special to see.
First Aykut tells us about the stadium which is big.


From the outside these were all vendor stalls. Hot dogs?

Between the stadium and the rest of the city was the parking lot with vendors. The ladies are making lovely lace, mainly crochet (kroşe) and tatting (düğümlü dantel) with a shuttle (mekik).

Then we see more of Perge. Looking at the gate from the outside.
Looking at the gate from the inside out.
We discuss some architectural details and Rick demonstrates.
Looking towards the Agora (the Market).
 The sewer system, incredibly civilized.

Of course there was a roof on this walkway. And the floor was mosaic. It must have been so incredible.

The mosaics which were found are now protected by a cloth and sand because some tourists do stupid things.

The major street had a water feature in the middle, because it is sloped sometimes cascading. 

If you think these are ugly stones you have to envision it clad with marble. Gleaming. With statues and other ornaments.

The plan of the 'hamam', the Turkish bath. 
We looked at the hamam in the morning and went to one in the afternoon ... and then what we had seen all made sense. 

Again, the protected mosaics.
This must have been gorgeous.
The underground floor heating.

Look at this construction.

The vendors again.
We bought a little book and took a picture of this areal photo which helps understand the whole place.
Then off again with the bus. Now to Aspendos. This is the most intact Roman Theater, roughly 1800 years old. And it is still being used today. Unfortunately we could not arrange to attend such performance.
Aykut explained at every theater that they were built for about 10 % of the population. So, if it seats 15,000 how large was the population of the city?
The stage for tonight's performance of "Prince Igor" was set-up. 
This was an optional tour (meaning to pay extra) but it was so worth it. 
James is trying out whether he could sit here for 2 1/2 hours of an opera performance. The seats are rather hard!
Not for the faint hearted.

Continuing in the bus we see the aquaduct, also about 1800 years old.

Lunch time. The places Aykut knows.
We order and then this lady goes to work making  Gözleme, with different fillings made to order.

Pam and Larry are paying. The son was helping his mother. He took care of the drinks.
Of course they also had things for sale.

James and I wanted to change some money so we were let out of the bus early.
First we got lost but it was very interesting. Look at this shop display.
The little shop on the left had some Effes (local beer) for sale for us to enjoy in our room. Can't drink the water.
Our hotel.
The pool is so inviting but we had plans for the hamam, the Turkish bath. Have to experience it. And what an experience it was. Most of us 13 had signed up for it. We were picked up and brought back.
Of course I didn't take any pictures. It was a bit intimidating enough as it was (especially since they didn't speak much English and Aykut was not there), but here are pictures I found on the internet and that is pretty much how it was.  The octagonal 'hotplate' in the hot room, the foamy exfoliation, the oil massage. Ours was separate for men and women. Men worked on men and women worked on women. Goodness, were our women strong. But we felt great afterwards.

The others were going for dinner to the restaurant on the left (where we had our Rakı yesterday) but we were not so hungry (since we had that huge lunch) and went on our own.
This was a lovely place and nice to be a little romantic for a change away from the rest of the group.

 Three different 'mezes'.

The view from our table.

James had a Turkish coffee.

On the way to the hotel we criss-crossed a little through the streets and the bazaars. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures except for this one which I thought was different. James negotiated a good price for some Turkish delight to take back for friends

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
From Aykut's CD:

Day 11 Monday 06.25.2012 (Antalya)
  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Walking through old town and visiting Hadrian’s Gate
Optional Trip ( Perge & Aspendos )
  • Perge Ancient City Visit
Roman Baths (2nd C AD)
Agora (2nd C AD)
Column Street (2nd C AD)
Hellenistic Gate redecorated in the Roman times for Hadrian’s visit (2nd C AD)
  • Aspendos Ancient Theater Visit (2nd C AD, capacitiy :15000)
  • Roman Aquaducts of Aspendos Ancient City (2nd C AD)(Not in the Program. Learning & Discovery)
  • Free time in Antalya including a Hamam (Turkish Bath) experience.
  • Having dinner at Mermerli Restaurant in the old town
Overnight at Aspen Hotel, Antalya

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