Friday, June 16, 2017

Europe Day 17 - Zoo part 2

Still Tuesday!

No idea how many times I tried to upload the first part of this day. That's how it is with traveling. Very often no or weak internet. But guess what ... William enjoyed reading the blogs too. I had read a few with him together. 
So here I try the second part:

After Alaska and Africa we went to Asia. I didn't even notice when we were there in the Gelsenkirchen Zoo that those were all A-places. 


It was a perfect day for this weather-wise too. Not too hot and walking around was nice. There was a huge multistory indoor place also. The last we walked was the treetop walk. All very well done. Of course it ended in a slide for the children. 

Another boy heard us talking and finally said "Ich habe eine Frage" (he had a question). 
He wanted to know where William is from etc etc. 



Then we went to the souvenir shop because Inge didn't know when it closes. We had promised. It was very important to William to spend his very last Euros. 

He was desperate to buy another big dinosaur. We counted his money and he had 8plus Euros. Luckily Inge had a 5 Euro off coupon. He is learning to apply math and decided on an alligator, a baby alligator and a package of three little safari cars which came to just over 13 Euros. Omi just had to pitch in a few cents. His billfold: empty. 


When Inge drove us back to her place she stopped at Münsterstraße 638. I was actually born in this house (not a hospital) with the help of a midwife. We lived there until I was about seven or so. It sure looked different though. 



At 7 pm we were supposed to be at a golf course clubhouse for dinner. Maren's friend Pia is a chef and a quite famous one. We were 10 alltogether. Inge, Martina, Ute, Tobias and Family, Maren, William and I. We had a lovely time. 





William and I were back at the apartment quite late but as soon as we entered there was FaceTime from Spain. 
Connection was not good and I had trouble to get a good photo. William was happy to talk to his Mommy and Papa and that could not be hurried. 


Next day will be our last in Germany and we have to pack and get organized. William might have to be bored a little. And .. he can sleep in. 

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  1. What an incredibly full and wonderful German vacation you have had! William will remember this trip forever!