Sunday, June 11, 2017

Europe Day 14 - Halde Herten and Tobias' Birthday

Saturday June 10

Last night there was a big-body spider in the bathroom. Since William doesn't want me to flash it down the toilette a glass over it made "it more comfortable" for the night.


This morning William did the doors so I could carry it outside. 


Maren called and suggested a walk up "die Halde". 
Halde Hoheward in Herten ... very interesting. I have trouble finding a meaningful link in English.

Lots of stairs or zigzag ways. Maren picked us up and William wanted to go the steps. Gosh was he fast with his little legs. 


Can you see him? 





We were very fortunate with the weather and the view all around was incredible. VIDEO!

There was a young man getting ready to fly a little plane and William was most interested. The young man enjoyed talking with us.






The thing on the top is a horizon observatory. Unfortunately there are some claims about the construction and it is not in use. 



From there Maren drove to her apartment. Location, location, location. It's right opesite the main train station in Recklinghausen and in the main shopping area. In the photo you can see the arch under the roof and her round living room window. It gets hot under the roof on the fifth floor in summer. And there is no elevator. Just lots of stairs.



William watched a little TV while Maren made a salad for the party and I tried to help. 


Then we went to Ute to pick her up. Quickly we had a little FaceTime with Sarah and her three boys. The cousins talked. 




Party time! It's Tobias' birthday. We all had a great time. And yes, coffee and cake first. 
Happy happy Birthday!



The two sons of Tobias and Manuela were wonderful. Gero and Adrian took such nice care of him and played with him. Soccer and basketball. Lego and TV in English. 



Then later dinner with Gulasch soup and salads. I wasn't really hungry but ... so delicious ... Also, champagne gives you some appetite. 



Ute and mine cousin Eva came all the way from Jena with her friend Walter. 


And her son Alex and wife too (from Jena).


Tobias and Manuela. 


Ute with her grandsons Gero (right) and Adrian (links). 





Another great day. William is exhausted. That doesn't mean that he can fall asleep right away. The little wheels in his head keep turning and turning. He is still very good and sweet though. Just needs a little TLC of which Omi had plenty. 

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  1. What a busy day. You must be collapsing when you finally get to bed at night!