Monday, June 19, 2017

Europe Day 20 - Windsor band and Christchurch

Friday June 20

When we arrived at Phillipa and Peter's last evening it was probably 10 pm. We did sit a little though and had a nice chat and a nightcup (drink). 

Next morning we had a lovely breakfast together and a tour of the house and garden.


Peter is a retired priest and was getting ready to take a service. He was taking care of his shoes because that's what a priest should do. Love it. 


When we got back to Jane's Helen was just trying on the dress Maren had sent with me for whom it fitted. Helen loves it. Doesn't she look great?


William loved exploring the garden and looking at the goldfish in the little pond. When you stick your fingers in and wiggle them they come to the surface. 



At 11 am is the changing of the guards at the castle so you have to be at least 15 minutes earlier at the barracks to march up with the band. This is a family tradition. 


It is hard to keep pace with them if you are also taking photos and videos. It is really special.

VIDEO!   (I am so happy that I figured out how to make one out of 5 snippets ... when I was back in Virginia)


When they disappear into the castle you wait at the Queen Victoria statue until they come back in about 30 minutes.




They march back to the barracks but we didn't go with them this time.



Instead we had to pop into Boots and Waitrose. I love looking at different foods in different countries. Precooked lentils or couscous or bulgur or quinoa. 



Back at Jane's we had lunch. Outside! Rare in England. 


After lunch Papa bought the leftover Euros from William. 25 cents. And he gave him an England allowance. 


James had got a rental car in the morning. He drove Helen, William, and me to Christchurch. Jane will come tomorrow. I consider myself a good driver but I just couldn't do it on the wrong side of the street. James was trained that way and it came back to him.

A big hello with Kate and David. We had tea and cake. 


At some point David and William disappeared into the converted garage /workshop. How cute is this? I know what they are making. 

But steps are needed. 

We took a tour of the garden. William had a taste of the peas and the raspberries. 




We had dinner outside which doesn't happen that often, Kate and Dave assured us. 


William was very happy when James arrived (Helen's cousin). Since we had several James he was often called Jimmo. He told me that he doesn't mind. 



We decided to go for a walk where there is more room for the soccer ball. 


It was lovely along a little river and over a golfcouse (which is allowed). Jimmo and William stayed behind in the large grassy area. 

We had some family time in the conservatory. I love their house. So comfy and cozy.

VIDEO!   Did they really have to sing this song? They like to tease me with it for how many years?


Then Helen put William to bed and it didn't take him long to fall asleep.

David told us that he had been waiting for a special occasion to open a bottle of 30 year old cognac he had been given. Lovely. 


Night night. 

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  1. I can’t believe I am so far behind! I’m trying to catch up some today!

    Loved the videos! How amazing to see William watching what his grandfather watched at the same age!

    I had to laugh at the Waitrose visit. We do exactly the same thing – we find it fascinating.