Thursday, June 29, 2017

Europe Day 31 - Henley Row by Row

Tuesday June 27

Weather forecast was not so favorable. Considering that we didn't really have ANY bad weather for a whole month in Europe we are not complaining. With not much else on the agenda we decided to drive to Henley to a quilt shop there. This would give Helen the opportunity to go to a Row by Row participating quiltshop outside the USA. Not important but kind of fun. 

James' GPS couldn't find Farm Road. So I googled while I still had internet at Jane's and took a screen shot of my phone. This will do. The old fashioned way ... map reading!

We were lucky with the traffic going in. Going out we saw a long line but luckily not in our direction. Henley Regatta will start in a few days. We should have timed it better (and not miss it!)

Found it!
From the outside it looks like a cute little shop. 

And the front room too. But as soon as we went around the corner we couldn't believe our eyes: the British Hancocks! Helen and I could have spent hours (and money). James and William were very good walking to the gas station and back but we had promised to be fast. 

Nice Row by Row. 

Back at Jane's. 

A selfie for Pops. 

And some "catch the monkey".


Chocolate mold after lunch. I learned that Bird's custard and a hot chocolate pouch are an easy way to do it. 

Checking in to our flights

Take-out fish and ships for dinner

Ha-ha, bubblies with that? Jane had found an excellent bottle which had been in her stash for several years. 

Clean-plate award

Back to the apartment and packing

And here is the question of the day:
palm trees growing in the back of the house in England?

Time to do some packing!

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