Saturday, June 10, 2017

Europe Day 13 Milchtankstelle and the Jenaer

Friday June 9

Not so much to report today. We got a late start in the morning. We had to stop at the post office to buy stamps, a birthday card next door and go to the bank. 

I had to do several phone calls to shops because of a purchase I want to make. 

Ute asked and I told her William likes lentils. I didn't lie.


After lunch we walked from her house passed the strawberry field to a farm where you can buy fresh milk. 
On the way I saw these small trees. Wondering what they are. 



Milchtankstelle: Tankstelle = filling station. I forgot to take more photos. It was interesting. You put money in, push the button to fill your container, when you are done it gives you money back if you didn't use all of it. I think it was 80 cents per liter fresh from the cow. 

It was further then we had thought so I went back alone as fast as I could to get the car and pick Ute and William up. 


And since we were already in the car we stopped at Aldi for groceries, were I had a real scare because when I wanted to pay I couldn't find my billfold for a short time. Since Renate had just told me that hers was stolen in a grocery shop I was in a bit of a panic. But it was my fault and I had just been silly. 

Back at Ute's the weather had improved and William wanted to be outside. We watched him a while from the window (here he had just called "huhu") and then joined him too. 


Oh yes, when we bought the birthday card in the morning, he also found a German dinosaur magazine. And guess what ... it had a little figure attached. A pentaceratops. I had to translate the comic strip speaking bubbles. 


At 7 pm we were at the apartment because Maren picked us up. The "Jenaer" had arrived at the Schloß hotel and we were meeting them for dinner. 

When we walked from the car to the Schloß William said that it had not been a very exciting day today. I laugh and told him that he was spoiled. He told me he would like to be spoiled some more. But he really did have fun and was good as gold. 


Ute and mine cousin Eva and her friend Walter. Eva's son Alex and his wife Dolores. We had a lot to talk about. 


We walked around the corner to the restaurant in the village. 




William had a menu he could color. He got colored pencils in a tube, not crayons. Maren suggested that there was an ocean in the tube. It made noises. 


Fish with Safran sauce for me. 


Corn dogs with salad instead of french fries for William. 


He asked me whether he was getting a "clean plate award".


I guess he did, ha-ha. 




10 pm
Walking back to the Schloß and the car. 
Must have been 11 before he was asleep. What a day. 

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