Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Europe Day 22 - Lunch in Wimborne and on to Towcester

Sunday June 18 = Father's Day in USA and England

I had trouble yesterday deciding how to limit the photos. It's not different today. Another lovely day. 

Bec and Mark left very early because of their long drive, uncertainty about the traffic situation and having to be back at work tomorrow. I was up and was able to say good-bye. It was great to have had time with them. 

So it was now Jane, James and me and our hosts Kate and Dave. We went to their church for Sunday service. 

I copied this from the Priory Church website:
Welcome to Christchurch Priory, home to a thriving Christian community, set on the southernmost edge of the town on the confluence of the River Avon and the River Stour as they flow into Christchurch Harbour.
Prayer and worship have been offered on this site for more than 1,300 years, and in this Priory Church for over 900 years, by people who have left behind a testimony to their faith in the architecture of this magnificent parish church which dates back to Norman times.
I was very happy to be able to go to a service since I didn't go in Germany. This day we happened to have the baptism of a choir boy. 



Memories came back too. Jo and Bec both got married to their husbands in this church. 


Afterwards we changed into more comfy clothes and packed our suitcases. Jimmo had arrived too and we all went to Simon and Jo's house. We had been invited to lunch. And this was on the grill. 


Helen and William had spent the night here and it was obvious that they had had a good time. 


Helen had always been good in braiding her own hair so the girls must have had a lesson. 



We were welcomed with fruit punches. Very refreshing. 



I got a tour of the house because they had undertaken some incredible improvements. Of course I also had to see the hens in Cluckingham Palace. 


Games of croquet were played. 



Then lunch was ready. A wonderful paella. 




Choice of two desserts. As delicious as the Pavlova looked, I had to go for the rhubarb cream. 



After that we had to go for a walk of course. First along a small little river close to their house and then through parks etc.  It was fun and good for us. Especially for James and me because we had some driving to do. 

We had to say good bye to all and got going towards Lincoln. We wanted to visit James' brother Stephen. Because of the uncertainty of the traffic we had made no plans and wanted to see how far we could get. 

We ended up in Towcester (pronounced: toaster)
First we parked on a municipal parking lot and walked to what looked like a pub with accommodations. Where we glad that they were full. It was incredibly noisy. 
We were told to try the "Brave Old Oak". The proprietor was very nice, had vacancies but doubted that we would like it. He usually rents the rooms to contractors. Well, they really were not what we had hoped for. He was insisting to find something for us and ran across the street to another pub. There was free wifi so James could see already that they had rooms available and we walked there too. 

"The Saracen's Head" was very nice. We took care of our luggage and went to the restaurant. Yes, we were parched. And no more driving today. 


Father's Day special menu. 






Night night. 

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  1. Another wonderful family day. And that pubgrub looks great!