Thursday, June 22, 2017

Europe Day 25 - The Victorian Town

Wednesday June 21

Breakfast at the Ladywood B&B. 
Another full English ...


We got told by so many that the Victorian Town was worth visiting. I can tell you here that it was and for £12.50 p/p was very reasonable. It was very interesting and had so much information and fun things to see. 

It seems that Ironbridge was the start of the industrial revolution. History everywhere. 

The first thing after entering ... we visited the bank and exchanged £5 into shillings, halfpennies and farthings = the money system before it was decimal. James grew up with it and remembers it very well. 



The lady shows us how you weigh and package loose goods like beans or sugar etc with a plain piece of paper... and a wood-contraption. I made a VIDEO. 


Next door the chemist (pharmacy).


It included the dentist's corner. James said that his dentist's drill (when he grew up) was at least electric already but otherwise looking similar. 




One end of the canal which is original to this industrial area. We see the other end later. 


We were told to be at the foundry at 11 am. 



This is how household items where made. Later we bought three little things. I forgot to take a photo. They are quite heavy. 



The butcher ...


The baker ...


The candlestick maker ...


I have seen candlemaking in many countries. There are so many ways how this can be done. This gentleman demonstrated how these are more resistant to go out because of the double wick, perfect for outside. 
Got a VIDEO. 



There were groups of schoolchildren who got hands-on learning. These got dressed up and made bricks how children would have had to do in "the olden days". We were impressed how attentive they were. 





In one building we found a whole ship. Couldn't take a decent photo but it was very interesting. There were ships called trows which were used to transport things on the rivers like the Severn here. This one was called "Spry" and was built 1894. That doesn't seem so long ago but made me aware how fast things changed since then. 


Since this actually used to be part of an industrial area things are spread out which was nice. We decided to walk to the "inclined plane". It was a hot day and the forest lovely. 


Remnants everywhere of earlier times like this coal mine. 


The inclined plane. 
The other end of the canal on top. Loaded canal boats were put on carts and let down to the river. One going down would pull another empty one coming up = counter balance. 

Looking up. 


Looking down. 


We walked along the canal a while and came to this "lift" and we went down. 


Making our way back to leave. Can't help thinking that this building is making a funny face like "oh no, I am all in ruins".


Came by the baker again. The fruit cobs were ready. 


Across was a little park with shade. Perfect. 



We probably could have seen more but decided it was enough. 
With the car we went back to the Ironbridge Gorge Museum which we found yesterday just when it closed. It was open this time. 

This long panorama model was very nice. It gave you a good idea about the valley. The picture is from the end.


Wouldn't be able to trust these to be stable enough.


A model of the Spry we had seen just a little earlier. 


Back to our B&B for a little rest. 

We love it that we can walk to dinner. We decide to go to the same place as yesterday since we really liked it. 
And we know the way and like that too. 








And why not? OMG sticky pudding.  It was good. We shared!


Did we walk it off to the Ladywood House?


Night night. 

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  1. The Victorian Town looks amazing. Like Williamsburg, but easier to relate to!