Thursday, June 8, 2017

Europe Day 12 - Wildpark Frankenhof

Thursday June 8

William slept in this morning nothing reallly was on the calendar so it didn't matter. We took our time and finally made it to Ute. 

The first thing William did: what was his Dino egg doing. Deffinately doing something. 

News was that James and Helen made it to Santiago de Compostella and had a great experience. Only the Internet is not cooperating. If you don't have WiFi you can't upload a blog (we were waiting impatiently to read). I know all about that. Catching up later to write them is a nightmare. 

Anyway, we were able to FaceTime with them, cutting in and out a dozen times. It was still great. And William could show Mommy his hatching egg.


Ute had suggested to visit "Wildpark Frankenhof" in Reken right after lunch. I went to their website (to put the link in for you) but it does not give you an idea how great this place is. The playground itself is worth the visit. Never in my life have I seen anything like it. And all my pictures here can't tell you either. 

We bought one box with food and the first animals we saw came running. William enjoyed that. There were places you could put food in which was pretty harmless for him. 



We came to the goats which didn't have the tray. They ate it off your hand. William was surprisingly brave and did it. But not too often. He didn't like being licked, he said. 



When we went past some other goats they were calling. He asked what they were saying. I said "more" (food) imitating the sound. He laughed and said they were talking his language. 


The animals in the park are mainly native like deer and foxes and owls but also roosters and sheep etc. very interesting. 

But then we came to the playground and that was it. As soon as he saw the big yellow slide he was determent to do it and Omi almost got a heart attack. He must have done it at least 20 times - shouting from the top for me to take a video. (Yes, I have some great videos I will put in back at home. )



VIDEO   (on his tummy)

It was very interesting to see how he acted and also wanted to make friends. He studied on top of the slide how to do it, how the others did it. He enlisted help from parents (when he quite couldn't push off on his tummy). He is very social. 





This was the first time. Every other time his face was beaming. 


He run around to try things but there was so much and a lot he didn't even see. 







He must have jumped on this a solid half hour, with and without other kids.




It wasn't easy to persuade him that it was time to go. Why? Because it closes. Why? Because the people who work here want to go home. 


Just one more time here (on the yellow slide: VIDEO)

And one more time there. Finally we remembered this we had seen at the entrance and quickly had to take a picture. 



And then he remembered the gift shop he wanted to visit at the end. It was closing. Panik. What to find so quickly? The nice lady already had her keys in her hands but she let him buy this with his own money from his new billfold. A dinosaur puzzle in an egg. 

I was hoping he would not fall asleep in the car. He must be tired and worn out. But he was wide awake and started on his puzzle at Tante Ute's. We could persuade him to eat some dinner and then take the pieces to the apartment. 17 pieces!
All is well. With a little hint he did it. 



When it was bedtime he was wondering where to put "Spiky". He told me: "Put him in my shoe. It smells nice. He likes it".

Good night!

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  1. What a fantastic place! William's face tells the story - he obviously had a blast!