Monday, June 12, 2017

Europe Day 16 - Wildpark Frankenhof again

Monday June 12

It was almost 10 am before we were at Ute's. William's first thought was his dinosaur egg. The hatchling has gotten huge. We are not exactly sure what we are supposed to do. Take it out and dry it? We put it into a larger water container though.



I was busy before lunch. We drove to a bedding shop where we got excellent customer service. 

Since we had breakfast so late we had just a bit of salad for lunch and then headed out for adventure. Can you guess where we are?

Yes, back at the Wildpark Frankenhof. William was a happy boy.







The weather was not half as nice as the other day. It was cold and windy. Ute and I "suffered" a little but at least the threatening clouds never opened. 

There were not as many people/children either but enough to have interactions and fun. William found and tried new things. This tower he did not conquer but two more visits might do it, ha-ha. 


Ute had packed a snack. 


Hot chocolate to warm up. 



Another new thing. A zip line. I did have to lift him on though. Even managed to do that with one hand and take a VIDEO. 



We "closed" the park again. Sharing the rest of the animal food we had bought. 


Had to run to the gift shop AGAIN. The lady was already counting the money AGAIN. He had forgotten his billfold but borrowed 1 Euro to buy a flying dinosaur. Ask him what its called. It doesn't come over my tongue. 




We brought Ute home and hoped to call it an early night. We played some games and cuddled but no such luck. Well, he is on vacation. As long as we have fun...

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  1. William looks like he is having so much fun! Better watch out - he's going to be wanting an Omi-fantastic vacation every summer!