Friday, June 16, 2017

Europe Day 18 - Scherlebeck ice cream and playground and good-bye

Wednesday June 14

Nothing special on the program today ... except packing and getting organized. 

After a good night's rest we get going. We have five empty plastic bottles in the car which need to be taken care off. On the way to Ute we stopped at a supermarket. Most have a machine into which you feed the bottles bottom first. It scans the barcode and if you had paid a deposit when you purchased the drink you get it back. Only one was eligible and William got 25 cents.


After lunch Ute, William and I walked to the ice cream place for the "clean plate award". No question what he wanted. 


Mine was good too. 



On the way back we walked past a playground ... except we didn't walk past. Ute and I sat on a bench and he had fun. There were several mothers with their children and it was quite social. 

His new large crocodile was buried as a treasure in the sand. He was clever enough to mark it with his hat so he wouldn't loose it. 


He was so full of sand that he had to shake his pants, socks and shoes off. Then he cleaned the sand away. 


The weather was lovely and we had a coffee on the back patio. I asked him to take a photo of us sisters. He took my iPhone and said he would do just like Maren. I think he did great. 


At 7 pm I needed to be at the apartment because Maren wanted to come by one more time. Tobias, Manu, Gero and Adrian too. And Ute. 
The boys plaid again a little with him. 



Maren was quite delayed because of traffic jams. But when she finally arrived she, Ute. William and I enjoyed delivered pizza. 

Maren stayed a bit while I packed. Of course that didn't take long and then it was time to say goodbye to her too. Of course not before she used my iPhone again for some special photos. 




William is really sad about saying goodbye and keeps asking me whether we see everybody again. Oh dear.

Alarm clock set for 7:30 am. I want to leave not later then 8:30 am. All is well. 

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  1. We never really get the joy of meeting without the pain of parting. William is learning that hard lesson!