Thursday, June 29, 2017

Europe Day 30 - Windsor band and the Thames

Monday June 26

We woke up, looked up and this was our view.



Later I climbed up and took these photos out of that window. 



From the livingroom window James discovered a plaque on a house across the street from 1888. That explains a lot about our apartment. 


Bottom of Peascod Street, the street which goes up to the castle. If you turn left here you get to Jane's house. 


We went to Jane first and then all of us went to the barracks (close to our apartment) to march with the band. 
I can't describe it but there is something special about the waiting for them to come, to hear the music, to try to keep up with them all the way to the castle dodging other people standing at the edge of the road. It's a family tradition. James grew up with it. Now we have to do it every chance we get at every visit for 42 years.





At the castle you wait for 20 or 30 minutes until they come out again but we usually don't march back with them. While you wait you often talk with other people waiting. This time I was standing next to an older man who told me he lived around 3 corners and would come about 2 or 3 times each week. You don't get tired of it.



On the way back to Jane's. Had to stop and take this photo. Love the little front gardens. 


We had lunch outside. Aunt Jane and William trying to feed an ant which is running around on the table. 

Then we walk to feed the ducks on the Thames. Ha-ha, can you see that we took turns holding on to William's shirt?

The 40 minute boat ride. 

To the lock and back. 

Eton left. Windsor right. 

More play in Jane's garden until it was time to walk up the town again for dinner. 

Celebrating Jane's birthday at the Queen Charlotte. Waiting for the food. 

You can't go wrong with baked Camembert. We all dug into that. 

Jane and I had fish pies. 

Looks like James liked his lamb shank. 

Oh yes, clean plate awards. 

We walked together to the bottom of Peascod Street and then said good night. 

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  1. English gardens, British lamb, English street and place names. Sighing with pleasure!