Sunday, June 4, 2017

Europe Day 7 - Resse

Saturday June 3

Waking up took forever today. We are on vacation so it doesn't really matter. We finally made it to Ute. No plans today. Here, William wanted to be helpful and throw something away. He was told which bin but he questioned it and had to read what was written on each one. But in German ??



Tomorrow is Pentecost, a long holiday weekend in Germany,  so I wasn't sure how long shops were going to be open. Since nothing else was on the plan I decided to visit "Bahl creativ", a shop with fabric and yarn. A visit in Germany tradition for me. 

Nothing is far. So when we came to Gelsenkirchen-Resse we went first into the Lärchenstraße. William is standing in front of number 10. This is where my parents moved into with my sister and me when I was about his age. I pointed out the windows and explained that we had no balcony or backyard or front yard to play in. He said he wouldn't like that. 



Then to Bahl. We bought sockwolle in one building and fabric in the other. The pillows he is sitting on are knitted and so comfy. The boy was expensive. He saw dinosaur fabric with large motives which would be good for the back of a quilt. I just hope he hasn't lost his fascination with dinos before the quilt is done. Sigh. 


Our last stop was the church. I told him that I was baptized here, confirmed and Papa and I got married here. He was impressed. 



Then we had one more stop: ALDI. He reminded me that I had promised him another Überraschungsei. We bought a few more provisions for the apartment. There is no fridge so have to concider that. 

Back at Ute's we had lunch and dessert. Homemade plum cake ... made last year with plums from her own tree and put in the freezer. What a treat. 




It was not an exciting afternoon for William but he enjoyed playing sudoku with Ute. At the end he was getting quite good. 


And he did most of this puzzle. All I had to do was sit next to him and pretend I was helping. He explained to me that his mother told him that you keep turning each piece and then sometimes it fits. 


Last piece. 



Yesterday he had bought the dinosaur egg. We thought he would take it home to Nashville. We read the direction at Ute's and decided it would actually hatch before we leave. He wanted to do it. 


He made a video for his other grandma who shares his likes for dinosaurs. But I can't upload to YouTube right now, it's too big for email but I tried texting and don't know whether it arrived. It might have to wait. 


We went back to the apartment when it was almost his bedtime. Ute came too for a while and we played some. When he was in bed and it was time for "pillow talk" he said that he couldn't think of a favorite thing of the day. There had been no visitors today. But then he did remember some good things after all. 

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  1. Between the food in your blog and James’ on the road posts, I am getting HUNGRY!

    How wonderful to be able to show William places from your childhood and the actual church where you and James were married.