Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Europe Day 10 - Bork

Tuesday June 6

His collection is growing. Since his other grandmother Mops has shared his interest in dinosaurs with him and she is going to miss him for a whole month, we decided we needed to make a video for her first thing in the morning. Actually, we had to make 2. The first one was getting long (he likes to explain). I stopped it because I wasn't sure I would be able to send it if it was too large. We just continued with a second one. I was very happy when I was able to sent them to Ben. 

Of course (as I said before) I have to add all the videos when I am back home.



When we arrived at Ute's William had some excitement. His dinosaur egg showed progress. Things are happening. 



It rained off and on in the morning. William and I went to the post office to mail the letter to Mops he had written. He was disappointed because he didn't find anything for him to buy. We had lunch at Ute's. As always he gobbled down the salad but wasn't keen on eating the special rice you wrap in lettuce to eat. It was delicious and he really liked it but I guess he couldn't be bothered. He really wanted a sandwich. 

We left after lunch to visit our sandpit playmate Gisela and her family. We were not quite there when he told us that he was hungry and that he was sorry he had not eaten the rice. 

How lucky that Gisela had laid the table. 


We ate in the dining room because it looked like rain. The 4 grandchildren (which had stopped by at Ute's on Sunday) were there too. William made himself right at home. Afterwards the children went into the garden to play. Ute and I strolled around too and admired Gisela's high herb garden. 



See what happened to the soccer ball? Same happened with the frisbee and the badminton thing. Ha-ha. 



We saw the black clouds coming and moved inside again. 





We sure had a great time! William kept asking me when we would see them again. Tja, that is a question. That is my question since 1975. Bummer. 



He is very good going to bed but falling asleep seems to be difficult. Too many things going around in that cute head? The new Dino from Gisela surely must help. 



Night night. Omi needs a little rest too. 

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  1. How wonderful for you both that you've had other children around for William.