Thursday, June 8, 2017

Europe Day 11 - Dortmund and on

Wednesday June 7

We had wanted to be on the road at 8 but William had again trouble falling asleep the evening before. It is just too light and he is not used to it. 
But when he woke up he said that he was well rested. 



He was surprised that he woke up in his bed because he had finally fallen asleep in mine. I explained to him how I always take him to do pee when I go to bed and put him back to bed. We had to do a demonstration how I walk him and he thought it was funny. 


Anyway, breakfast was ready and soon we were on the German roads. 


Road construction on the autobahn. Exit blocked. Wrong turn. U-turn. Remember how we should drive back. 
But then short after 10 am we arrived in Dortmund at Renate and Wolfgang. Long time friends and godparents of Helen and Sarah. They have a beautiful house with a great view and William blew soap bubbles from the balcony. 


But we had a plan. First: a ride on the Wuppertaler Schwebebahn. Here is a VERY INTERESTING LINK on Wikipedia if you are interested. It is very unique. 

As in every town in Germany you have to search for a parking place but Wolfgang knows his way around and was lucky too. We just had to walk over this bridge to the station. 



We went from one end to the other. In the beginning the train filled up quickly at every station. William sat on Renate's lap, stood at the window to look down, sat again. Most of the time the Schwebebahn (suspension railway) is over the river Wupper. 



At the other end (about 30 minutes) we got out. William wanted to buy a postcard for Mops with his money and then saw a machine which pressed a penny into a souvenir. 


And then we went the whole way back. 


Wolfgang found a great place were William could see the driver and the river. 


Endstation. It was raining again but only for a short time. 



Back at the car Wolfgang drove us to Schloß Burg

But first we had to have lunch it was already past 1:30 pm. Don't worry. Non-alcoholic beer. 


We had a nice table at the window. It doesn't matter if it rains when you are inside but the view would have probably been even better. 



William: Bockwurst with salad instead of french fries. 



Sauerbraten with potato dumplings. 


The castle. Near the entrance is a model of it for blind people. I thought that was very cool. To touch and imagine. With writing. 



Here only a few photos. The blog gets too long. 






Where in the world is William?



Our lunch place is in the back on the left. 


William didn't think he would like this toilette. 




On the way to the car we had to poke here. A lady made brushes in this shop ... from real hair.


It says: Which hair for which brush?



Last stop. A museum with a water mill where they used to make knives. We are now in Solingen which is very famous for knives and scissors. 
William was very fascinated with it all. 





Ja,ja, had to make a purchase. 


Back at Renate and Wolfgang's. We walk a little around in the garden. 




Renate would have liked for us to spend the night and it was very tempting. Very. But I thought it was better to have a little regularity. The boy gets stimulated to the max as is. 

I am thinking how lucky I am to have friends I don't see for years but then it is as if we saw last week. Friends are people who really care. 

The drive back was easy. We knew which road not to take. We did some playing and reading. Night night. 


  1. I have friends like that. They are a true blessing in my life. Very interested in all your and William's adventures. It is so good for children to travel to other countries.

  2. I, too, have friends like that. And Sally is right, it’s a blessing! Everything is just beautiful and the food looks fantastic! I fell in love with potato dumplings years ago on a trip to Pennsylvania and thought about them ever since! The ones that we ate had bread crumbs in them – is that common?

    And I am sorry to have to correct you, my friend, but the blog is NOT too long. I could read your stories and look at your pictures for HOURS!!!