Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Europe Day 28 - Christchurch

Saturday June 24

Everybody had a good night's sleep. Catherine, Olivia and Edward love being at their grandparents' house. 


Jimmo (Kate & Dave's son) loves being an uncle and takes the three to the aquatic center for a swim. Dave drives Kate, James and me through the New Forest. We stop in a little village to walk around and have a cup of coffee. Kate is very disappointed that there are no wild ponies walking around in the village because they often do. 


But when we continue to drive we do see a lot and some quite close. 




Roads are so typical. Some are so narrow that you hope nobody comes towards you. Well, at some point somebody did and Dave had to drive backwards to a point when both could pass. 
In the first picture we came to a fork without any signs. Which way to go?



Back home Sarah did FaceTime with us. Catherine, Olivia and Edward were delighted and so was Caleb. We saw Colin on the move and Owen being Owen. Ah, technology is great (most of the time).

We all had lunch. Very happy that we could have it outside again. 


The children entertain themselves. Olivia has the reputation for hanging upside down in trees. I wonder whether that is right, ha-ha. 



Jo and Simon came to collect their children. They had had an adventure of their own this morning canoeing on the sea. It got quiet when they were gone. 

But we had plans. We walked the public footpath to Tesco over the bridge over the river Test because we needed something. 




Tesco is a major chain. I love to look around and see what is being done differently. Because of environmental concerns there are not any free plastic bags. 


From there we walk on to Jimmo's flat. James and I had never seen it so we all got invited for tea. 



His bachelor pad on the second floor is very nice. 


We walk back and relax. 

We had made reservations for 7 pm in a restaurant which used to be the old train station. It was very cute. 


For starters we had a baked Brie which was enjoyed by all. Very very nice. 

James' main course was pork medallions with a peppercorn sauce. He enjoyed it very much. You can eat the flowers too, the petals and not the thick part of them. 


I had free-range chicken with avocado salad which was very good. I thought the edible flowers were fun. 


We had a great time. David offered a night-cup at home and of course we had a lot to chat about. You can always reminisce about previous vacations together and family events. There had also been something strange happen at the next table in the restaurant which kept us guessing. 

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  1. We loved the New Forest! Even the touristy parts were lovely.