Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Europe Day 9 - Schloß Herten fest and Strawberry picking

Monday June 5

William slept a little longer this morning but then we got ready soon. We had some glass to recycle so took it with us. You find containers like this frequently on road sides. Three holes for Braunglas, Weissglas and Grünglas. William threw it away the German way.


The long Pentecost weekend is always the time for the "Kunstmarkt um Schloß Herten" (arts and crafts around castle Herten). It opened at 11 am but since parking is always a problem we left for it at 10:30. 

The park with all those old trees is a delight to walk in.  I notice how incredible "noisy" the birds are here, singing lovely songs. Closer to the castle lots and lots of stands. William brought his new money purse and was desperate to spend more from what was left. 


Life music and plenty of food and drink inside the castle.




Outside in the park again desperate to find something to buy. So cute. 

He finally found a 3 euro fan he needed because it is hot from a lady who sold wool things and felting ... and spoke some English. 


Omi found something too. May be an idea for St. Martin bazaar? Difficult to see what it is in this picture. I don't think you can guess. 




We snacked on a Currywurst and then made our way back. He bought a rhyolith on a cord to hang around his neck. 


Back at Tante Ute's. When Maren came and they played soccer he had to take it off because it kept flying into his face. Ute had to search the lawn before bedtime (when we were at the apartment) because he forgot it. 


He wanted to go strawberry picking very much. Pick your own! We didn't have to walk far from Ute. Around a corner and across the street. 


It was a lot of fun. 





You guessed right. The next photos were taken by Maren with my camera 









At 3 pm Ute, William and I were invited to Ellen and Willy (our "landlords upstairs) for coffee and cake first and later grilling. Three other ladies were from the same knitting club. 

Ute and Ellen's grandsons Gero and Adrian arrived back from a scout weekend. They had a gift for William. Another dinosaur he didn't have yet. Lucky boy. 




So many adults and no other child his age. This proud grandma can say he was good as gold and fun. He played with his new Dino. We went into the apartment and got one more from his (now) collection. Gero is a super kind young man and played with him hiding the Dino too (Adrian had left for something else).


Another great day again. We are very grateful to all who are so nice to us. The apartment with wifi is a blessing too. Weather wise the next days are not promising. I think I hear it raining while I am writing this.  Oh well .....


  1. Anxious to see bazaar idea. Probably beyond beginner level to duplicate. You are all making such incredible memories. The pictures will be reminders of all you have done.

  2. Lovely day! I’m anxious to know what the project was, too. Don’t know if I am up to it, but I’d follow you anywhere!