Thursday, June 15, 2017

Europe Day 17 - Zoo part 1

Tuesday June 13

Inge wanted to take us to the Gelsenkirchen Zoo. After we had dropped off some dirty laundry at dear sister Ute (Thank you! Thank you!) we went to her place. I left my car there and Inge drove.  As I said before, I find parking in Germany a bit of a challenge.


The zoo is not like I remember it when I was a child. It is devided mainly into three sections. We started with Alaska. 

I took some nice animal photos but so have others and you can find them on the internet if you want to see a skunk or a porcupine. So I will limit myself here to more personal ones. 


The first animal we saw. He came so close to the window that William took off running and could not be persuaded that the glass between us was perfectly safe. 


There were lots (and I mean lots) of play places everywhere. 





Panning for gold. There were really gold specks in there. But not big enough to pick up, ha-ha. 


He interacted with every child he met if they let him. And some adults too. 



This hanging bridge was quite wobbly. No fear. 


He was not asked to pose. 


The sea lions. He and the little boy screamed every time one came up. 


You can see them also from below. William had more interest what was growing on the glass in the tank and what tiny things where floating around than of the sea lions. Algae? Flakes of their skin. May be they are shedding cells like people? Omi doesn't know everything. Sigh. 



This was high and he climbed up easily but then ... Omi had to climb up too to help him down. 


We need a break. Coffee !!!



On to Africa!


Caves. Good thing his shoes have flashlights. 


Boat ride included. We are on the way to it. 




Fascination with the carp and baby waterbirds from a bridge. 


Lucky we have the front row. Lots of questions about the boat, no driver, crashing etc. my explanation of underwater rails was satisfactory. Hope I guessed right. 






Most animals mingled with several different creatures in one enclosure. "I have a question" (at most of them). 
Yes, the animals like living together and are not hurting each other. 


When we got out of the boat there was a big display thing with photos rotating and the note "Fotografiere dein Foto inclusive der Nummer mit dem Handy". Gemacht. But then you also could type in your number etc and you could buy the photo at the exit. 


Have to go over a bridge again. I have so many great animal photos to share. Why this one? I like it. 
"I have a question". 
"Why do they do that?"
"Do they get fed?"
"Who feeds then?"


William had to go. I like this service of providing "Desinfect it yourself".




Did I mention that there were playplaces everywhere? These beams were much too slick for my taste. 


Looks easy. 


Not so easy to get up. 



Quick to come down. 



All tree houses are easier to get in/up then out/down. 




Aren't the Germans incredibly inventive with their playgrounds? I am so impressed. 

Next would be Asia but I think I better make a second blog. 

Till later. 

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  1. “Omi doesn't know everything. Sigh. “ – that’s what Google is for!

    Great play areas – and a good idea for zoos!