Saturday, June 17, 2017

Europe Day 19 - from Germany to England

Thursday June 15

Yup, T-day (travel). I was awake before the alarm went off and got ready. I find packing to leave easy because all you have to do make sure you don't leave anything behind (compared to getting ready for a trip when you have to decide what you might need). Clothes to wear were laid out and everything else packed. 

William was easy to get up too. The day before he was asking why we had to leave but now he seemed ready and excited. Ute came short before 8 with coffee and some breakfast. At 8:30 am we had everything in the car and were on the road. 

The roads were quite empty because it was an official bank holiday in some parts of Germany. At the border to Holland it changed. I think people where going to the sea for a long weekend. James' GPS warned me of a traffic delay. We must have "stopped and go" for about an hour which was not nice. The rental car was non-automatic. A Renault (French car) stick shift. Normally not a problem since that is how I learned to drive and it is so much cheaper. But pressing the clutch made me wince every time ever since I fell on my tailbone on the first day in Germany playing soccer with William. 

Overall everything went very well. We turned in the car, had a trolley for the luggage and walked over to check in which didn't take long either. Mine and Helen's suitcases were checked in. William and James' suitcases were carry-ons.  Security wasn't a problem either but we had to take stuff out of our backpacks and every item into a different bin. We both had a body scan and I couldn't believe that they wanted to pat down William. My grandson is an incredible traveler. He keeps calm and collected. So proud of him. 

Then of course we had to wait. Close to the gate there was not much choice for lunch but William didn't want anything anyway. We had a good view and could observe what was happening. 


The carry-on turned out to be a problem though. They were specifically bought for that purpose. Bummer. I couldn't get James' into the overhead. I apologized profusely to the stewardess which told me that it was no problem and moved it out of the plane to the checked luggage. The plane was only half-full. 

All that for a flight less than one hour. Can you see who took this selfie? 

Thank you, KLM. I think I deserved it. 


We had to circle over Heathrow and I hoped to see Windsor Castle. No luck but here is the Thames. 



And then the waiting began again. We arrived at Terminal 4. James and Helen were arriving one hour later at Terminal 5. Since I had ALL our luggage they were coming to us which became a challenge. LHR, that's a disgrace!!! Poor boy, poor Omi. Time dragged along. 




We had a number to call and a taxi from Windsor was on its way soon. 

Jane had to be at a meeting but we knew how to get into her house and the table was laid and very inviting. 


She had also left a long list of the "menu" including were the wine was. 
The postcard of the Wuppertaler Schwebebahn I had sent to William had also arrived. 


Helen and William were sleeping in Jane's guest room.  After a big hello Jane quickly brought us to friends of the family where James and I were staying for a night. 

Night night.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

amended 7-6-2017:

I forgot to tell that at passport control leaving Amsterdam and arriving in London both times I was questioned about William and was happy that I had a permission form from Helen that I was o.k. to have him. And I probably should have capitalized the word "questioned". It made me feel good because that's how it should be.

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  1. William and you must have been over the moon to see Helen and James! What a nice way to cushion the disappointment of leaving Germany!