Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Europe Day 29 - the Windsor apartment

Sunday June 25

Happy Birthday, Jane!
Happy Birthday, Stephen!
The oldest and the youngest of James' siblings have a birthday on the same day.
Many happy returns of the day!


I can never get enough of walking around in the gardens. I think I didn't take enough photos there though. 

We went to the service at Christchurch Priory again. Afterwards we went to coffee time and met some of Kate and Dave's friends. All very nice. 

Kate had put a chicken in the oven before we left and it roasted while we were gone. 

We kept saying again and again how lucky we had been with the weather the whole time. What can be nicer then sitting outside and enjoying a sherry or ginger wine before lunch?



And pudding! I learned about the meringues Kate makes. I must try them sometime at home. But I will not have raspberries out of the garden yummy!



And soon we were on our way back to Windsor. You never know how long it will take you. Because of the traffic but we were lucky. Almost there. 


For the three nights James had booked an apartment for us online. First we thought that it was a tad on the expensive side but you would expect that in a town like Windsor. Later we discovered that the reservation had been quoted in Euros and not Pounds. Dealing with three different currencies can get confusing.
Parking was an issue so we went into the parkhouse around the corner until we were sorted out. 


33 Albany Street. The proprietor (or manager) was waiting for us. He told us that he had upgraded us because he had a last minute cancellation. We were now supposed to be on the first level. Come in the front door first door on the right is a livingroom (key for that). Second door on the right a bedroom (key for that). Straight ahead a large kitchen (don't really need it) and on the left underneath the stairs a bathroom. Bathroom? Really? Not even I could go in there without bending down (a lot). And how do you sit on the potty with your feet in the steps and your knees underneath your chin?



We were not happy. James asked to see "our original booked apartment" and it was much better. First story with a key into the livingroom and steps up into the loft with bathroom. The shower was excellent. 





I called out every time James was on his way up and down "mind your head" and soon he started to announce that himself. 


Location, location, location. It could not be more convenient close to the bottom of Peascod Street and walking to Jane's house. James relocated the rented car into Jane's driveway and all was well. 

We spent the rest of the day at Jane's house with Helen and William there too ... until we walked back to Albany Street. 

Happy Birthday, Jane. Nice that we could celebrate a little with you. 

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  1. I'm going to try to remember to ask you how you found all these great B&B's. We did Airbnb for the first time a couple of weekends ago and I was impressed.