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Europe Day 26 - Ludlow to Leominster

Thursday June 22

Time to move on. Breakfast at 8:15 am. There was another guest couple and we had a nice chat. I had trouble with my knees especially the left one the day before and after long and hard thinking what it might be decided to hold off on the pork. I had pork every day since I arrived in England which I never have at home. My father had big joint problems when eating pork so why not give it a try? Breakfast was still good and James enjoyed my sausage.

Our first stop was Ludlow. It is a cute town. Parking is a problem but James is used to the dimensions of the car now and is excellent. I am a little sorry that he has to do "all the work" but I think he doesn't really mind (as long as we can walk to dinner and he can have a pint ha-ha).

After parking in the city center and doing the "pay and display" we came first to the city market. Oh, how I love those. 


We walked between the stalls but couldn't pass the pasties. 


Look at these timbered houses. 


The parish church is tucked between all the narrow streets. 





I love going up towers and looking down but because of my knees (bummer) had to skip that. I encouraged James though and he took the photos. 200 narrow steps up a circular staircase. Nowhere along the way to step aside and rest for a moment. 
In the first you can even see some market stalls on the left and our parking on the right.  




While James was up I went around. The carillon is impressive. Hope I can hear it later. 



VIDEO   of the Carillon. Not very good (the video) but it gives an idea.


We have been so spoiled with the weather so far on this trip but today it is a bit nippy and it is time for something warm. 


We ordered a pizza and James had a coffee but I had never had elderflower sparkle. How can you resist? It is harmless but has a very nice distinct taste. 



Walking back to the car. Lots to see. A butcher you don't even have to go in. You can buy at the window. 


We had brought James' GPS and it told us to drive through this house. OMG, James I admire you!



Our next B&B will be in Leominster (pronounced Lemster). Driving a lot of country roads. 


We had entered the whole address into the GPS but it couldn't find it so we entered just Leominster and it took us to the center. Another cute little town but I forgot to take pictures. We were told though to visit this historic house which was free and very nice. 



Grange Court is a former market hall in Leominster, Herefordshire, England. It was built in 1633 by John Abel, and moved to its present location in 1859. It was then used as a private house until the 1930s, and is now once again a civic building. 
It was moved because the town council decided it was a traffic problem ... in 1859.

The Stitchers' Society just had an exhibition. Incredible works of art and fun to see. Here only a few photos. 




Somebody explained what our problem was in finding our B&B. South Street turned into Hereford Road. 

While we had been looking forward to where we were going James kept reciting Prof. Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle: "In Hertford, Hereford, and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen."


We found the B&B and as always the proprietor was very nice. Actually, it is an older couple and everything seems arranged perfectly. 

Recommended for dinner was The Chequers Pub in walking distance. It was very nice too. 


It even had WiFi but we had to have many tries with the password because we couldn't read the fancy writing. 


Took this photo for Jill and Stephen. This little guy must be used to spending time at the pub but he/she was very cute and well-behaved.


Yup, pie with mashed potatoes and minty mushy peas (that's how the menu described it). 


Ha-ha, this says it all. 


You want a small, medium or large? With this glass you will never feel cheated. 


Oh yes. 


But only one sticky toffee pudding with two spoons. 




We walked back to the B&B but it was still early. At 9:30 pm it was still almost an hour of daylight so we decided that we really needed some steps. I had seen that the alley next to the house had a footpath sign so we decided to give it a try. 



It had become a little chilly but we had a good walk around and fell into bed happy. 

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