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Europe Day 23 - Nocton and Lincoln

Monday June 19

I am very disappointed with my photos for this day. They really don't give a good idea about this day. 

We had a pretty good sleep even with this hot weather, no aircon but windows open. Happy with The Saracen's Head in Towcester. 
Full English breakfast included.


Yup, open window top right. Time to pack the car though. 


James' GPS is invaluable. Besides speed limits he gives other great info like in which lane to be in and things like 3rd Exit in the roundabout. 

We can see the cathedral driving towards Lincoln and then the GPS finds Nocton without a problem. James had emailed Stephen that we might arrive 11ish and we were there with 2 minutes to spare. 

Stephen is James' younger brother. I can't remember when I last had a chance to meet him and Jill. So great to see them. 
Their three rescued westies greeted us too. Stephen and Jill have lots of animals and almost all are rescued. 



We got a tour of the house and of the gardens. They have made wonderful enclosures for all the (different) ducks, chickens, rooster, bunnies, Guinea pig, birds. 

Jill introduced me to most of them by name. I told her that she needs to forgive me if I can't keep the names apart. It was very impressive. 




After a cup of tea we drove into Lincoln. Stephen just knew where to park. I don't know why the picture looks so gloomy because it was a nice day. We walked to the castle. 





We wanted to see the Magna Carta and the Domesday book. The Domesday book  is on an "once in a lifetime" loan (probably three months) because the council had just built a special vault for the Magna Carta and The Charter of the Forest. 



It was all very interesting. This Magna Carta is one of four who have survived. Nobody knows how many there actually had been but they were carried through the land and read to the people. 





Of course I wasn't allowed to take a photo of the Domesday book. The keeper/officer told us a lot about it though. But it was incredible writing. Couldn't read it though because it was in some lawyer latin shorthand. 

Next we wandered into the prison on the castle grounds. OMG. Don't want to go there. 




The prison chapel. An enclosure for each person. 



Outside on the pavements we found these plaques. Also interesting. The second gives me the creeps. 


Here is the text:
Sentenced to death for poisoning her sister-in-law, Mary Ann Milner hanged herself with a red silk neckerchief the night before she was due to be executed. ... the waiting crowd appeared generally disappointed because the disgusting exhibition did not come off. 


Looking back leaving the castle. 


Looking forward towards the cathedral but no time to go in. 



There was enough time for an ice cream though. Guess which one I had. The flavor could have been a little stronger though. 



Back at their house and another cup of tea, Jill showed me some duck eggs. She told me that duck eggs make way better sponge cakes and that's why she wins the ribbon every year. Different size eggs from different size ducks 


We left to check into our B&B in the next village, "The Lincolnshire Poacher" in Metheringham. It was very nice and satisfactory, spick and span clean. Actually it was more like a townhouse with a kitchenette and living room downstairs and two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. 


We had agreed to meet again at 7:30 pm at the Red Lion in Dunston for dinner. It is Stephen's birthday next week and we wanted to celebrate with them. 


The four of us had a good time. In case you wonder about the food pictures ... how else can I remember that chorizo with mushrooms make a good soup?



James and I had a pie each. 


Ha-ha, this used to be rhubarb crumble. 


It was a lovely day/evening. We were so happy to have had some time with Jill and Stephen even if it was only a little.

Happy Birthday on the 25th, Stephen. 
Hope to see you both again soon. 

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  1. No complaints from me about food pictures! Hoping for MORE!