Monday, June 26, 2017

Europe Day 27 - Row by Rows and Christchurch

Friday June 23

We are so lucky on this trip that we have nice summer weather. Too hot as the Germans and the English are saying but not really for us. And luckily it cools off in the nights with the windows open. And luckily so far no mosquitos either. 

Our B&B lady, I think her name was Margaret, had asked the day before what we would like for breakfast and when. She had shown us where our table would be and there also hung a menu. All very organized. James had a full English and since I am avoiding pork I had smoked salmon and scrambled egg. Very nice. Her husband Cyril brought it to the three tables and got everything right. Very nice people.


We left the house through the back to the carport which could be reached from the side alley. 

There were 4 places in the carport and we had been the first to arrive. The other two guest couples blocked us in but everybody was very nice and moved their cars. Soon we were on the road. 

We were on our way back to Christchurch and didn't really have an agenda. Since Wednesday had been the first day for Row by Row (see link) James was so nice to take me to two this day. 

The first was Purple Stitches in Basingstoke. It was in an industrial district (number 35) and quite difficult to find. But it was interesting. I am holding the sample.


The second one was even more difficult to find. Our GPS couldn't find the Quilters Dream in Andover. We had to ask somebody and when we put in "Picket Piece" the GPS knew. You have to go up some steps on the side of the building to the second story. The lady was very nice though and we had a good chat. 



After that we continued to Christchurch but the GPS unfortunately directed us via Winchester and not Salisbury. We came to a traffic jam but were lucky to exit at the last minute. We had quickly decided to drive through the New Forest. We probably didn't save any time but it was very pleasant. 

We arrived at Kate and David's just in time to have a cup of tea before Kate had to go and get her grandchildren. They were spending the night. It was great fun to see them again too. 


David is the pastry maker in the family and the quiche was delicious.

Olivia had a cooking lesson in school today and brought her results: bread pudding. It also was very good. 


Kate didn't know that "pudding" (what dessert is called) was coming and had made a flan with raspberries from her garden. Ha-ha, we had two puddings. What a life!

Kate, Catherine, Olivia and I played a game of Chinese checkers. Much fun. 


The children went to bed. We chatted a little longer. And then ... night night. 

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  1. Nice to see two of your passions (travel and stitching) coincide so nicely!